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Tally ProgramPod

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I noticed on a friend who recently acquired an iPod that she had a timer on it for laps, etc. Of course, in my vague sort of brain-fog that was 8:45am, I thought that it meant swimming laps, rather than running laps.

Sleepy idiocies aside, I realised the pointlessness of that particular function. Not that many people have need for it. What lots of people have a real need for is a tallying system so that they can keep a record of how many times they've done something - people they've killed, cats they've skinned, number of legs on birds they've seen and so on.

What I propose is a simple tally system that would allow to imput certain information. Let's go with how many times I beat George at chess. The main programme (ie, the headings, etc) would most likely be made on the computer, which would be downloaded onto the iPod along with updated music, etc. The system would have to be pretty simple for inputting information, especially due to the iPods overdummification of the controls. Anyways, the program would count the date and how many times I won or lost, with at the bottom a total number of times I've won and lost.

(I wrote this idea for iPod but I reckon it could go the same for a load of other iPod imitants.)

froglet, Nov 03 2006


       I think you just invented the icalculator. Smells kinda fishy.
Chefboyrbored, Nov 03 2006


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