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Virus DLL

Make windows trojan/virus ready!
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The next update from Redmond should include a library with functions for trojans or viruses. They are written anyway and the code as well as and the network traffic would be much smaller.
optophonic, Apr 19 2004

ha ha http://www.halfbake...flinker89_wmconnect
bite me [flinker89, Oct 21 2004]


       Windows already provides a bunch of services that viruses already use. Some viruses go out of their way not to use them in order to be less conspicuous.
benjamin, Apr 19 2004


       You must have that file on your computer...
zigness, Apr 19 2004

       ...I can't find it...
yabba do yabba dabba, Apr 19 2004

       great invention, really! can we have a cross-platform .so file for linux too, I hate it i cannot use all those intersting emails some people send me.
nietsch, Apr 19 2004

       I thought they called this Microsoft Outlook?
RayfordSteele, Apr 19 2004

       Microsoft dispite all its flaws (don't get me started) gets too much stick over viruses in my opinion. The main reason viruses are common with windows software (as I see it anyway) is because windows software is common. Don't blame Microsoft for viruses blame the people who write them. Fish for the idea btw.
q2cannonfodder, Apr 21 2004

       I certainly do blame Microsoft for making Outlook do things to email that should never have been done. What earthly reason is there to run executable, VB or Java script attachments automatically from incoming emails?
DrCurry, Apr 25 2004


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