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vaccinia email

send users virus-like emails to teach them not to open those.
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A service for companies suffering from too much pointy hair and other clueless users: regularly send emails to clueless users that have all or some of the characteristics of virusses. When the clueless user opens/runs/click one of these, the computer is temporarily disabled, while a little edutainment video is shown that tells the user how to recognize and handle email virusses. A central server keeps tabs of what user took the bait and who did not. For good educational impact the smart users get some sort of reward for not falling for the virus. once a day/week/month a mail is send describing the recent email threats.

This idea is based on my observation that email borne virusses eruptions are spread over time. When one eruption has been very severe, the next one will be longer away because more people are aware of the threat. Keeping the awareness high will keep the risk low.

nietsch, Mar 11 2004


       I used to do this at a company I worked for. I had a small Javascript in my "signature". If the recipient had scripting disabled in their email client, they would never notice it. But those who had forgotten to do this would get a pop-up that chided them, and then brought up an intranet web page explaining why thats bad and how to fix it.
krelnik, Mar 11 2004


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