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Vitamin Tattoos

Nutrition as art
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Basically a tattooing process that uses slow release vitamins instead of ink. As the body uses the vitamins, the tattoo fades.
Around TUIT, Sep 05 2004

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       well, it could be like henna tattoos that are just painted on or the painful way to make it last longer.
Around TUIT, Sep 05 2004

       Or, better yet, dyes designed to be easily erasable by laser light. A good red would be useful.
ldischler, Sep 05 2004

       “Let’s see, two multivitamins as the eyes.”
”And a Q10 as the nose.”
”Now I’ll just trace a mouth with vitamin C capsules…”
FarmerJohn, Sep 05 2004

       great combination of fashion & health.(+).
vedarshi, Sep 05 2004


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