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Word mnemonitrix

Don't just translate, remember
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Connect the translate tools to stupid phrases/words that helps you remember. Those would be added and rated by other users and linked to what you translated.

If you speak English and want to translate the word "to be" (estar) to spanish it pops up the mnemonitrix: "to be a star"

Here's another one: Eng: "see", Swedish: "ser", Spanish: "ver". Mnemonic to remeber both: server...


hassabrass, Jan 20 2009

http://en.wikiquote...i/List_of_mnemonics [Spacecoyote, Jan 21 2009]

http://www.linkworldlanguages.com [hassabrass, Jan 21 2009]


       Bad example: "to eat" = "comer" (spanish/portuguese), what might help you remember the word would be "Homer likes to eat." Or something like that...
hassabrass, Jan 20 2009

       So [hass], is this a site where users contribute their own mnemonics into a pool? Or is it an attempt for the computer to generate mnemonics *for* you?
phundug, Jan 21 2009

       I've seen some similar things for English vocabulary, for example (not mine): Attenuate = to get thinner. "I worried you'd attenuate, "but then you ate".
phundug, Jan 21 2009

       Yes, other users would add their mnemonics that other users can see when they translate a word. Those could then be rated so for any given word or phrase translation you could get a list of the top rated ones.   

       I would say also possible to some extent for lighter grammar and smaller phrases, but of course it would be difficult to learn a complete language this way.
hassabrass, Jan 21 2009

       Mnemonic: There's a "member" in "remember"
coprocephalous, Jan 21 2009

       Like this... www.linkwordlanguages.com ...but open source kind of...
hassabrass, Jan 21 2009

       As long as the mnemonics could be in both languages (if Im speaking a language I think in that language) Ill bun it.
miasere, Jan 21 2009

       Of course [miasere], the mnemonics would be in (and linked to) the language from which you translate.
hassabrass, Jan 21 2009

       I always remember the French verb for "to skid" is "déraper". My friend remembered it using the phrase "skid marks in your draps".
gnomethang, Jan 22 2009

       Just a question, why is it feminine? Why not Mnemonitor?
Alx_xlA, Jan 26 2009

       Because feminine is "politically correct"?
Spacecoyote, Jan 27 2009

       I'm Swedish... I don't know much about what you consider pc or not... I just didn't think of "Mnemonitor" when I wrote the idea, but hell, I'll register both adresses on godaddy tomorrow...
hassabrass, Jan 27 2009

       Yeah, I was just pointing out the absurdity of PC, feminism, and the idea (prevalent in the US) that masculine words are somehow sexist.
Spacecoyote, Jan 27 2009

       "Quien es mas macho: 'lightbulb,' or 'schoolbus'?" -- Laurie Anderson
smendler, Jan 27 2009

       I thought the title was formed in analogy with "matrix". Languages L1..LN on the horizontal axis, L1..LN on the vertical axis, and mnemonics to get from one to the other in the cells. (That breaks down if you're making mnemonics for multiple languages at once, but can be worked around with repetition.)   

       (Is there a catchy, snarky phrase for people who get their panties in a bunch over some nonexistent feminist or politically correct threat at even the remotest opportunity?)
jutta, Jan 27 2009


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