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Vocabulary Solitaire

Add some fun to rote learning
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Vocabulary words added to each card in the familiar seven-stack solitaire game allows the player to learn something while playing. The usual destination of four ace stacks is spread out such that as cards become available, the player may place them on the appropriate matching word in the other language. If it clicks into place, it is correct, otherwise it flies back to where it was. Thus player learns by trial and error the matching word.
See link for the computer program I wrote to do this, with some sample French and English words. (I'm practicing programming skills with these rudimentary programs).
flypaper, Oct 05 2004

Screenshot of Vocabulary Solitaire program http://diyexperimen...aire_Screenshot.GIF
Drag cards and release, click to turn over. [flypaper, Oct 05 2004, last modified Feb 13 2018]

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       Sorry, the links stopped working last fall because I changed ISP. Fixed now.
flypaper, Aug 07 2009


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