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Voice Caption Camera

Use a voice-recorder to name digital photos.
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I am always annoyed with the undescriptive filenames that digital cameras produce, such as 'IMG04628A' and 'IMG04628B'. Hard to remember.

I propose we could include a small dictaphone-type device in a digital camera so that after you take a photo you can include a small sound clip - say, up to about 30 seconds for each shot.

Once the file is on your computer, you can have the image software set so that clicking on the filename plays the sound clip, and you can probably have a voice-recognition tool to name the files accordingly.

If anyone comes up with a better title, let me know.

dbmag9, Jul 24 2005

Caption Speak Camera Caption_20Speak_20Camera
A very similar idea [half, Jul 24 2005, last modified Jul 25 2005]

I like "Voice Caption" as a better title http://www.cadshop.co.uk/prod958.htm
Although, it seems to be in use: "The FinePix F401 Zoom also can record audio, offering a 30-second voice caption capability" [half, Jul 24 2005]


       Damn. At least it was a good idea. :-(
dbmag9, Jul 25 2005

       it was a great idea.
neilp, Jul 25 2005

       Thank you, [nielp].
dbmag9, Jul 25 2005

       Only partly baked. Voice captioning of photos exists on many cameras. However, naming it with voice recordings isn't quite there yet.
-----, Jul 25 2005

       Huh? My read of the idea hasn't revealed to me a prposal for any special capability within the camera for vox file naming, only a post-processing file name extraction which is possible now with a small combination of OTS software.
bristolz, Jul 25 2005


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