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autocaptioning photography

A program to do some of the tedious work of organizing a vacation scrapbook.
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Say you just got back from a long vacation and have hundreds of digital pictures. It would be handy to have a program that can automatically organize your photos from an digital date/time stamp embedded in each photo (see my date/time/location/orientation camera idea). If you have an electronic version of your intinerary, the software could know where you took your picture (i.e. July 9th was planes of somewhere, so this picture would therefore be at the planes of somewhere Would also be nice if the software had 'good enough' face recognition, and would automatically orient the photos for displace (blue sky at the top, faces right-side up).
lawpoop, Jul 16 2003


       But what do you mean by autocaptioning? You haven't mentioned what the caption will say.   

       At a previous job, I had the task of setting up all kinds of things for text-to-speech, so you could get e-mail, with attachments, over cell phone. A marketing type suggested - actually, demanded - that I TTS .jpg attachments, as well...
lurch, Jul 16 2003

       [lurch]: Knowing how many words a picture is worth, would you not run out of space? Or did you offer to LZ-compress the speech so it came out mumbled?
angel, Jul 16 2003

       Actually, I offered him 24 hours to figure out why it was a bad idea. After that time, he would have a choice of being shot, or me telling everyone else in the company what he had requested.   

       Some sweet soul explained it to him, and I didn't get to shoot anyone. Disappointing, really.
lurch, Jul 16 2003

       When I say autocaptioning, I mean that the program reads your itinerary and then adds data to the digital photos based on what you were doing at that time. Say your itinerary reads thusly: 10 AM - Mt. Kilmanjaro. 12 Noon - Coffee at Mt. Kilmanjaro cafe. 1 PM to 3 PM - return to airport. 3 PM - Flight home.   

       The program would then add text like :   

       0001.jpg Mt Kilmanjaro 0002.jpg Mt Kilmanjaro 0003.jpg Mt Kilmanjaro 0004.jpg Coffee at Mt. Kilmanjaro cafe. 0005.jpg Coffee at Mt. Kilmanjaro cafe.   

lawpoop, Jul 16 2003

       You should have said that in the first place. Croissant 0001.jpg
Worldgineer, Jul 16 2003

       who has an itinerary that detailed ??   

       mine would read go on vacation001-500.jpg   

       however I like the idea of auto orientating, (sky = top of pic).
SystemAdmin, Jul 16 2003

       Well, Whenever I've gotten itineraries from travel agencies or tour organizers, they were pretty detailed.
lawpoop, Jul 16 2003

       [lawpoop] you should consider noting in your post that "the program reads your itinerary". It makes all the difference.
phoenix, Jul 17 2003


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