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Voice activated spelling pen

When in spelling tests or just writing a letter the pen would be voice activated to predictive spelling
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I have a voice recording pen and thought it would be great if you could speak a word into the pen and it would clearly say (on a digital readout )the correct spelling and even some alternatives for that word. Would help a great deal with spelling tests (whisper pen) and just writing. You could also add a few simple maths problems (maybe)?
gizmo, Feb 11 2004


       "This is your pen speaking. 'Prodictive' is not a word. Thank you."
k_sra, Feb 11 2004

       We also like productive spelling - the more the better!
atomic point dexter, Feb 11 2004

       whatever apd likes is a plus for me! <hug>   

       where you been? you layabout!   

       giz <hug>
po, Feb 11 2004

       well,I've spent alot of time on the couch
gizmo, Feb 11 2004

       silly billy! tell mum lost address again!
po, Feb 11 2004

       Is that the boob tube couch or the shrink couch?
FarmerJohn, Feb 11 2004

       lol I wish
gelie, Mar 04 2005


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