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Volume controls on the mouse itself
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Often, when using the computer yo have to constantly adjust the volume for different tasks...watching a movie, listening to music, audio on a website etc. Computers are generally fitted with a manual volume control on the speakers, as well as a control on the taskbar. Using the manual disk is a lot easier and accurate at getting the desired level of volume than using the controls on the taskbar.

I propose having a manual disc attached to the side of the mouse where your thumb rests, for easy control... and by clicking it in you mute all audio...This would definately improve how we adjust volume no?

shinobi, Jan 16 2005


       I used to have a Kensingon touchpad that had more programmable buttons than you could shake a stick at; seems to be off the market, though.   

       I have mute and volume controls in my screen (which is also where the speakers are), which suits me fine. But more importantly, the volume control popup that pops up when I double click the speaker icon in the system tray gives me control over all the different sound channels, so I can adjust relative game vs. CD vs. whatever volumes without having to tweak things every time.
DrCurry, Jan 16 2005

       In many programs the scroll wheel does exactly this. There are also programs which allow you the remap the buttons on your mouse.   

       I would like a few extra scroll wheels.
tiromancer, Jan 16 2005


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