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Vortex Bong

A sure fire way to knock out an elephant.
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This contraption takes advantage of the whirl pool/vortex effect that you may have seen in a science fair. Usually, two 2L bottles are attached end to end, and the liquid in the bottle will form a whirlpool as is travels from on bottle to the other. The set up for the Vortex is different. Cut the 2L bottles in half, or just a bit lower than the halfway mark. Fit one bottle in the other, so that the two bottle necks point away. Make sure about 3 inches overlap where you fit the bottles over one another. Duct tape this well.
Now you only half to have a slide for a normal bong, and you must fit this into one of the bottle caps. You can burn a partial hole and push the slide through while the plastic is hot, this works fine. Seal it well, and you've got the bong.
The important part about this bong is process of firing it up, because it is a process. I know there will be those who boo and say it shouldn't be a process, but it pays off 10 fold, and also, I know MANY smokers who enjoy the process, it adds a novelty to the invention.
You will need two people. So cap one end with the normal bottle cap. Fill up the bottle till it's about 90% full. It will be heavy, and you will need a sink, tub, toilet, bucket etc. to empty the water into. screw the bowl in, and pack it full and pretty tight. Here's the exciting part: Hold the bottom end still relative the top. Now cap the bowl with you thumb and rotate the top on axis very very fast. When you stop, hold it upright, light the lighter above the bowl, and begin to SLOWLY unscrew the bottom cap. A vortex will be forming, (and with this much water, you need to rotate fast for about 10 seconds to get it going). The art of the Vortex pull is to make a good vortex that will pull long and hard, and also to release the water out of the bong so it sustains the vortex and you don't have any water left by the time the vortex is through.
After the pull, you will notice more smoke than you've ever seen before. Pack 2 grams and it will finish it off. Or pack .5 grams and it will still make the most of it. Unscrew the top cap and you can suck the smoke through because the bottom cap will be all the way off by this point anyway. Now I know it's a process, so please don't judge it as if it was intended to be a bong meant for the highway or anything else. It's just like an elephant gun, you don't use that on rabbit. This has been known to bring smokers back to the days when they first started smoking. It gets you that kind of high. I think it might be the vortex effect and the way it sucks the smoke. It's been hypothesized that water that is natural goes through this vortex effect in lakes etc. (little whirlpools on the surface or in rapids), and they think this makes it more healthy or better for the ecosystem. I dunno.
nratzan, May 25 2003

(??) The Repulsine http://www.geocitie...e/Lab/1135/sch2.htm
[rapid transit, Oct 04 2004]

Gravity Bong http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gravity_bong
A similar thing without the vortex part. [jutta, Feb 14 2008]


       who says doobage kills initiative?
bungston, May 25 2003

       //I know there will be those who boo and say it shouldn't be a process, but it pays off 10 fold, and also, I know MANY smokers who enjoy the process, it adds a novelty to the invention. //
//This has been known to bring smokers back to the days when they first started smoking.//
Again, this is 'baked. This is not a redistribution location for ideas - it's a place where brand-spanking new ideas see the light of day, er room, er monitor.
thumbwax, May 25 2003

       psst - *Prof* - MFD is just a shorthand reference so as to not overload the moderators with - [Marked-For-Deletion] - 'baked, when they search.
thumbwax, May 26 2003

       Ha! Have you ever heard of a man named Viktor Schauberger? Go check out the link. While Victor was seeking ways of achieving free energy, and you just want to get really baked, your methods are quite similar.   

       This really amuses me to no end. Draw me a diagram! I want to build one myself, but I can't quite visualize it.   


       (Arg. If it's baked, and it's going to be MFD, click my name and email me the details.)
rapid transit, May 26 2003

       Party a leeeettle bit less, dude.
phoenix, May 26 2003

       [marked-for-deletion] consumer advice?
ato_de, May 26 2003

       Again, i wouldn't consider something that has been made (as a prototype) baked, if it's only been made a hand full of times and thrown out. Maybe someone could give me a more indepth definition of what it is for an idea to be baked.
nratzan, May 26 2003

       I would have to agree that the above seems to fall in the category of "Overly complicated crazy-assed contraption", a genre often found hereabouts. You MFD crowd are being confused by the author's evangelical enthusiasm, which is the mark of a true mad scientist.
bungston, May 26 2003

       what about a bong that washes off the inside of the glass/plastic tube with each hit? This would keep the bong from looking really gross. Can plumbing be devised to do this, using the person's breath, so that they don't get a mouthful of bong water? (believe me, not fun)
John_T, Jun 10 2004

       I've seen video footage of someone using a home-made gravity bong (two big soda bottles connected opening-to-opening) to make a vortex, but doubt that the swirl has much of a function other than transferring water from one side to the other. Wouldn't it work just as well without the vortex, just using bubbles?   

       Please do not MFD entries as "baked" - that's not grounds for deletion unless it's widely known.
jutta, Feb 14 2008


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