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Plasma Bong

release exotic chemicals at high temperatures
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Now you can achieve the most from your herb with Plasma Bong! Temperatures can easily exceed 500'F to release only the purest and finest ingredients.

A ceramic crucible is held in the center of a glass spehere by a metal tripod. Underneath the crucible is a propane torch extension for your tank nearby (foot pedal modifies flame strength.)

Above the crucible is a modified and insulated blender, which is geared to slowly stir a spiral shaft which extends down into the crucible. This maintains liquidity and spills all light ash out of the sides of the crucible. Above the blender is a modified automatic fish feeder which sends bits and pieces of herb down the shaft into the crucible, maintaining crucible fullness and longevity of the molten herb. Above the fish feeder is a small garlic spinner, which grinds coarse herb into finer particles and maintains the fish feeder with more herb.

The torch is protected by an outer funnel which not only directs heat but collects ash spilled from the stirring action.

As many tubes as you like can be hooked up along the upper hemisphere of the glass sphere.

A standard 8-pound propane tank should last a dozen hours or so, and the consumption rate of herb would be approximately 0.25 oz to start and 0.5 oz per hour. So invite lots of friends.

MudWitch, Aug 27 2001


       I thought this was going to be about smoking through blood.   

       Your idea is probably less disgusting though.
-alx, Aug 27 2001

       OK, maybe you can fully automate this process by attaching some sort of sampling mechanism in the crucible. This is attached to a computer which can then measure consumption rates, temperature, etc. and modify the feed of the gas, raw material, and speed of the stirring mechanism based on a pre-chosen profile (to maintain plateau performance).
polarbear, Aug 27 2001

       I do have a basic schematic for blood smoking, which basically cycles your blood through an aeration chamber and then returns it. The hazards of tiny air pockets (bubbles) in the blood stream are too great to go forward at this time.
MudWitch, Aug 28 2001

       I think the problem with this idea is that most psychologicaly active chemicals are usually volatile at significantly lower temperatures than this device could produce. Actually burning of herbs is un-neccecary to maximise the effects. The chances are that any plasma based bong would combust the active compounds unless a system was devised that minimised the substances exposure to the effects of the plasma.
salimf, Aug 28 2001

       salimf:..speaks the truth! would be better to devise something which worked at precisely the right temperature..although i have to admit not having memorized this number!
Hans, Aug 28 2001

       you mean a vaporizer, which already exists?
Crazy Bastard, May 05 2002

       This thing works at a way higher temperature than a vaporizer, so it's not going to correctly release THC. It would, however, prove to be useful if you're interested in smoking a solid metal, like aluminum.
jkonrath, May 21 2004

       Surely whatever you were smoking would burn your mouth/airway/lungs.
Mad Dog, May 03 2005


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