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Vote when you Anno

Add for, against & neutral options below the annotation textarea
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This would encourage more people to vote and reduce the number of page loads.

Actually, now that I'm thinking about it, having the annotation form available all the time (for members) rather than after you click 'annotate' would encourage more comments and reduce page loads too.

marklar, Sep 20 2007

Same idea? simultaneous_20vote_20_26_20annotate
[jutta, Sep 20 2007]

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       You might get a load of one-word annos if everyone who votes has to anno as well. Eg:   



theleopard, Sep 20 2007

       I meant in addition to the other vote links.
marklar, Sep 20 2007

       Oooh, sorry, now I get it. Yeah, that's fair enough.
theleopard, Sep 20 2007


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