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vote feature for 1/2 bakery

rank ideas by popularity
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ronan, Mar 30 2000

Collaborative filtering too. http://www.halfbakery.com/idea/ViewDot
When the list of ideas gets long enough, collaborative filtering will be useful too. There's some vaguely related discussion here. [syost, Mar 30 2000, last modified Oct 17 2004]

vote histogram http://www.halfbake...ea/vote%20histogram
And this, of course. [egnor, Mar 30 2000, last modified Oct 17 2004]

everything2's voting experience system http://everything2....Experience%20System
Role playing game'ish. [jutta, Mar 30 2000]

0 or even Votes http://www.halfbake...2e:t=Unvote_20meter
Currently, change "3500" to "4700" in address bar to see oldest (0) votes [thumbwax, Oct 17 2004]

Start of March that year. http://web.archive....www.halfbakery.com/
Before voting? [nineteenthly, Apr 05 2010]

Mid-August the same year. http://web.archive....www.halfbakery.com/
With voting - [Jutta] would presumably know. [nineteenthly, Apr 05 2010]

Make a view and sort by votes http://www.halfbake...orial/viewhelp.html
[pashute, Jun 26 2013]


       Positive and negative votes should be allowed too. Then an idea with a score of 12 is generally thought to be pretty good; One with a score of -35 is thought to be terrible; One with a score of 0 is either too boring for anyone to comment on or has an equal number of positive and negative votes.
hippo, Mar 30 2000

syost, Apr 02 2000

       With both positive and negative votes, we could use the ratio pos/(pos+neg) as a measure of how "baked" an idea is. The closer an idea is to exactly half-baked, the more controversial it is.
baf, Apr 04 2000

       Excellent idea! You'd want to rank ideas by the total number of votes too, as an idea which has 3 pos and 3 neg is arguably less half-baked than one which has 15 pos and 15 neg.
hippo, Apr 04 2000

       Not sure if more than one vote type is the way to go; that would take away from the simplicity that makes halfbakery so attractive. Maybe just "I liked this" and "I didn't like this" or somesuch.
dan, Apr 05 2000

       I think the first might have been "halfbakery channel" -- jutta did that an incredible one day after it was suggested.
syost, Jul 19 2000

       ...and currently leading the pack for ideas that aren't HalfBakery modifications: The domain for www.mail-a-car.com now exists and is registered to tomierna. In no time at all we'll be able to email our fellow-motorists.
hippo, Jul 20 2000

       If I mailbomb some butthead who cuts me off, will his car crash?
StarChaser, Oct 21 2000

       I dunno if anybody else ever caught it, but I was greatly amused by MS using 'wince' for the name of one of its operating systems...
StarChaser, Oct 22 2000

       They should make a spin-off called 'doors'. Or I should.
NickTheGreat, Aug 02 2002

       So - it's all ronan's fault
thumbwax, Feb 09 2003

       thumbwax beat me to it :)
po, May 24 2003

       I don't get it...isn't that what the fish and pastries are for?
simonj, Aug 15 2003

       What happened to *cough*? Can anyone tell me? He must've disappeared while I was in my cave...
Detly, Aug 17 2003

       I'm confused by this idea. Does this mean that back in March 2000 there wasn't a voting system yet, and that this idea was the progenitor of modern buns and fish?
DrWorm, Apr 05 2010

       See links, [DrWorm]. This was quite a while before i found this place but i'm sure others could fill you in.
nineteenthly, Apr 05 2010

       If you go back far enough there was only the half-slimery.
xenzag, Apr 05 2010

       I prefer to think of it conceptually. Whereas the actual site and software didn't exist, the idea to make the site did, and before that some of the ideas had already been had. For instance, back when i was someone else i posted "compulsory car park confiscation", which was an idea i had in a car park nearly thirty years ago, and i'm sure other people on here have posted old ideas of theirs, and that thing about scraping windscreens with floppies is older than the site too.
nineteenthly, Apr 05 2010

       Thanks for the links. I must say... even 10 years ago, this site still looked better than most sites I've seen from that time period.
DrWorm, Apr 05 2010

       I liked the coloured text. I can't remember if i knew about it that long ago.
nineteenthly, Apr 05 2010


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