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Vote on Annos

Give 'em credit where credit is due!
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So many great annos pop up on occasion, whether modifications to original ideas, or closely related spin-offs, that I for one would love to be able to vote on them. Also, there are completely horrible ones at times.
Now, with my ideas, I can delete any COMPLETELY unacceptable ones, but I would really rather not do that, and I can't do that for others' ideas.
However, a voting system for annotations would give an idea of the public consensus on annos, and thus give the baker incentive to remove the ones that are generally agreed to be Bad Things.
It could be exactly like the invention voting system. No big changes in the function, only in the medium.
roleohibachi, Dec 24 2005


       The focus should remain upon the poster rather than annotater.   

       I also think it'd be a mess depending on the granularity of the anno vote reports.
bristolz, Dec 24 2005


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