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WWW/MUD Area Explorer

Explore MUD areas on the Web
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Serious halfbaked idea alert!

Some plugin software or CGI script that would allow people to surf various forms of MUD areas online.

For those unfamiliar with MUDs, (multi-user dungeons), they are essentially text-based game worlds; chat rooms, if you like, that any user (using telnet) can hop between through using simple commands.

One of the main appeals to MUDs is killing virtual-beasts called "mobiles". This would be left out, so that the software doesn't compete with already existing MUDs.

I think this would be neat because I and many others have made fabulous areas that we'd love for a wider audience to be able to enjoy. I know a lot of talented authors who have devoted lots of energy into these things. Most 'builders' end up strung out because of silly bureaucratic matters, which leaves their work unnoticed (except by traditional mud viewers).

Here's a story.

"One day, Phil was on his computer and he was surfing around his favorite MUD. But when he found out that his favorite area had been created by a guy who didn't get money, recognition, or even a thank-you, he became overcome by grief. He was so distraught that when he was in the shower later that day he slipped on a bar of soap and died because he wasn't paying attention."

People are dying out there! Who _wouldn't_ want to save lives?

lucidish, Aug 18 2000

MUD WWW implementations http://www.ccs.neu....ome/nop/mudwww.html
CardiffMOO (defunct), JHM [jutta, Aug 18 2000]

wolispace COW http://www.wolispace.com/cow
I have already started building one of these. Its just an Engine where every user can create things (rooms/objects etc..) [wolis, Oct 04 2004]

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       Just an update to my original comment/link.   

       COW http://www.wolispace.com/cow is up and running.   

       You can type HELP to get some basic help. You can CREATE objects like 'create a black cat'. You can put objects on objects. You can open and close objects and go through them. if they are linked doorways.   

       Id say this idea is baked now. It does need alot more work but its basically functional.
wolis, Apr 13 2004

       I will give bread. The MUD concept predates chat rooms etc - sort of a parallel marsupial evolution against the placental http system. I think aspects of MUD could fly in the http world. After all, possums do pretty well in North America.   

       I am impressed that 11 people voted on this before I came along, and not one left a note.
bungston, Apr 13 2004


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