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Why it won't work website
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A website, podcast, and video show, with bad ideas explaining why they can't possibly work.

A place for people to ponder wacky or flawed ideas and realize themselves or with the help of others what is wrong with the idea. Voting is on the idea itself and for revealing the flaw.

For example: Raising ships by entering a tight lock and then adding water. Supposedly you are getting potential energy without putting in the same amount of energy. In a wider pool you would need more water than in a tighter pool around the ship. But then you realize that you have to raise the same amount of water weight to the same height to get the ship to displace itself higher.

Then you realize you still don't get and ask others to help you. If you were on the halfbakery for example, there would no chance anybody could illustrate whats happening. First of all, HB is not meant for obviously flawed ideas. And besides, people complain that you are wasting their time, and just read about it on the web, or ask some AI.

pashute, Mar 23 2024


       I'd check it out. [+]
doctorremulac3, Mar 23 2024

       Alternatively, you could just post the ideas here and shrug off the fishbones. Among my own HB ideas, the ones I've been most invested in have generally got the fewest buns / most bones - but that's OK, this site is still their home.
pertinax, Mar 24 2024

       I think this is a good proposal, but then I am interested in the history of wrong ideas, and trying to work out what makes wrong ideas wrong, and why people believe them nonevertheless.   

       The theory proposed here about raising a ship in a lock is not eligible to be a HB idea because it would be instantly challenged as "not an idea" or somesuch, with no need to dig into the misplaced physics mathematics and geometry. Even things that could be presented as an idea would be slammed for "breaking the laws of thermodynamics" without necessarily leading to the kind of informed discussion suggested here.   

pocmloc, Mar 24 2024

       Tough crowd. Tough crowd.   

       Website: yiww.com. Where you get to argue "Yes, it will work!"   

       Oh, but that's baked in-house right here, isn't it?
minoradjustments, Mar 27 2024


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