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Y M I Er browser add-on

Why am I here app
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Before you enter the new web page a form opens and you can say (with google speech keyboard) why you entered this page and what you expected to do.

The text hovers unobtrusively over the page on the corner, so that when you find yourself 7 levels deep into facebook after youtube, blogger, reddit and halfbakery, you can remember why you came here in the first place.

Hovering over the text lets you see your former reasons so that you can track what's going on.

The text can collapse into the add-on icon when the YMIEr add-on clicked or return again when clicked again.

The paid (50c) pro version allows you to re-order the tabs, save them in a "tree" of hierarchies and groups etc. This version also has a "After page" when leaving the tab, so you can say something about the page visited.

The app's name is fondly called "Why-My" by the young generation.

Anybody to the task of co-programming this with me?

pashute, Jul 01 2016

Not so hard to do this... http://stackoverflo...in-chrome-extension
[pashute, Jul 01 2016]

Lacking automatic classification https://chrome.goog...jnphhppkpkmkl?hl=en
YMIEr was written after frustration with onetab and tabs outliner [pashute, Mar 19 2017]


       Is this idea being BDSed?   

       I actually started working on it. But it seems no-one likes it. So maybe I'm wasting my time...
pashute, Jul 11 2016

       // re-order the tabs, save them in a "tree" of hierarchies and groups etc. //   

       Existing Chrome extension Tabs Outliner does that part. Existing Firefox extension Tree Style Tabs (IIRC) is somewhat similar in concept.
notexactly, Jul 19 2016

       Update: Mozilla has decided to kill off the API that TST relies on, and restrict extensions to the same limited functionality as in Chrome. It will not be usable after November-ish. Just in case anybody started using it or was going to.
notexactly, Mar 21 2017


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