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Walk On Water

Not as easy as it sounds
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Two horizontal rows of very high pressure water nozzles aimed at each other such that their streams interlace and form a bridge. Although it wouldn't be easy, you'd be able to walk across it.

The alternating left/right streams would cancel out the tendency of one stream to push the walker in that stream's direction. It might be challenging, but that would make it a fun attraction at a water park.

Not sure if the description makes any sense but I'm exhausted.

Hmm. You could also have a grid of sequentially activated nozzles on either side that could form an escalator so you'd just stand on the first "step" and ride it up to where it would drop you back into the pool.

Not sure if that makes sense either. Exhausted. Good night.

doctorremulac3, Jun 28 2013


       Don't cross the streams!!! (+)   

       What a hack
JesusHChrist, Jun 28 2013

       bare foot or special sandals?   

       It tickles, John.
popbottle, Jun 28 2013

       Hang on a sec.   

       If the streams are horizontal, what is providing the upness?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 28 2013

       Good morning.   

       Upnosity would be provided by the water flow. Take a firehose and try to put your finger into the stream. It's hard as a rock. I actually experienced this in my childhood when somebody would open the fire hydrant and all the kids would dance around in the water in their underwear during the summer. (fond memories of my ghetto upbringing) Anyway, try interrupting the flow with your hand, can't be done at least with the force your hand can offer.   

       After a bit of sleep though, looking at this again the streams might have to be pointed a bit upward forming a "V" shape. Then you'd be walking at the convergence of the two streams like on a tightrope. Admittedly, holding up a 150 pound person is a lot to ask of a bunch of streams of water but I think it could be done. Unless of course it couldn't.   

       But if it could, you could also make a "water coaster" where the stream picked you up and pushed you along a traveling wave, like peristaltic motion. Then you could ride on water. Just sit in one spot in the pool and the jets would pick you up and fly you around like on a roller coaster.
doctorremulac3, Jun 28 2013

       Simply insert a sock in each nostril and high pressure water will wash the socks and prevent it entering the nose and indulging in unintended brainwashing.   

       Incidentally Yahoo news has discovered the "making power from people stepping on stuff" notion, so expect new persons turning up here care of google.
not_morrison_rm, Jun 28 2013


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