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Winter Fountain

water goes up, snow comes down
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This fountain is designed to be operated on cold winter days. It sprays the water drawn from a lake, river or other large body of water out at an angle. On properly cold days, snow will form, if not, the deep water, which typically remains at 4 degrees celcius, even when the top of a lake is frozen, will be chilled during it's little flight, and thus the air will be slightly warmed. Milder, snowier winters, and if a lake stays colder longer, milder summers too.

Also a spectacular display to watch.

Madai, Dec 02 2004

Backyard Blizzard http://www.backyardblizzard.com/
Make your own snow. Reverse global warming. [jurist, Dec 03 2004]


       Maybe a large swirl tank would give the snow crystals time to grow before discharge. Beautiful idea.
Belfry, Dec 03 2004

       true, the primary effect snow would be not so cool-looking, however, cold air is notoriously dry, and plenty of moisture will be ejected into the air to fall down later as proper snow. More work for the plow guys, but worth it, because snow is the whole point of winter.
Madai, Dec 03 2004

       That, and hot chocolate.
daseva, Sep 22 2007


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