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Walking Lawnbot with String-trimmer Feet

Multi-limbed robot cuts lawn with controllable legs equipped with whack-weeders on their ankles.
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A hexapod walking robot (yet to be perfected) is designed to stand on three legs while the other three legs reposition for the next step. The legs have several degrees of control and flexibility.

Each leg is fitted with the lower end of a string-trimmer, the bump-base of which serves as the foot. The drive for the trimmer is electric, with an on/off control. The trimmer is turned off before the foot is used for standing on.

As the lawnbot lifts a foot, that trimmer is switched on, and the robot's miraculous control system steers the leg around and up and down to trim an area of the lawn. The trimmer is then switched off and the foot is placed on the ground for the next step. Another foot lifts and the system repeats.

The 'bot might be smart enough to control three trimmers at a time, which would increase speed. It might also be smart enough to not slice up the petunias, or it may just hate petunias, as all right-thinking robots should.

baconbrain, May 19 2010


       Love it.   

       More than love it, want to make it...and then have WeedWhackWars.   

(+) (+)
you have to picture them spinning

       Would be noisy; a scythe version would be quiet and more elegant.
pocmloc, May 19 2010

       The scythe version would be quieter for sure, but elegant? How many people would be comfortable with a slingblade-wielding robot running around the yard? Might as well fit the thing with long black cloak while you're at it.
afinehowdoyoudo, May 19 2010

       Like it, but don't like the spin up and spin down delays. I would put the bump mechanism internal and keep the strings spinning constantly and put a length of foot below the string to set grass cutting height This might even be necessary in tall grass. Hmm, very interesting, maybe your design is better. Either way (+++).
MisterQED, May 19 2010

       It wouldn't be too much trouble to install an edger attachment on this thing as well, would it?
swimswim, May 19 2010

       String trimmer hoovercraft.+
zeno, May 19 2010

       // install an edger attachment //   

       The legs could have enough degrees of freedom to turn up on their side and act as an edger. And a hedge trimmer. In the advanced models.   

       That would probably take a very-versatile-limbed robot, but I thought that the first useful step in progressing from stiff stilter-bots to a multi-tentacled mechanical thing would be a clever-footed walker. Which led to the thought of useful foot positioning, and to this idea here.
baconbrain, May 21 2010


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