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Loop-suspended shelving
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In hardware shops one sees a wide variety of systems for hanging shelves on walls.

However, as far as I can find out, this system "doesn't exist already". [I did a rather cursory Web search - and the 'Bakery search is broken.]

The loop-hung system should be cheap, and adaptable to bearing light or heavy loads.

Visualise a wall, interior or exterior.

Find firm fixings for a spaced row of screws/screw-hooks, even nails, appropriate to the weight etcyou want to store.

Prepare by knotting or whatever, a loop of rope. cord, surplus cabling etc. for each hook/screw/nail, ... but each loop will have to be of exactly the same dimensions.

This will be the hard part I suppose. but I can see a way of doing it.

Anyhow, the final step should be simple ... put a loop on each hook and insert your [suitable] plank/shelf through all the loops. In my mind's eye I see the weight of the books/paint-tins/objets d'art, converting each loop into a self-locking triangle.

These days my mind's eyes work as well as ever, but my real eyes are a feeble substitute.

I couldn't even make those exactly similar loops or shop in a relaxed way for a version of the materials to match our battered "eclectic" furniture.

rayfo, Jun 01 2001

For your knots selection.... http://www.geocitie..._two/knotindex.html
pile hitch, buttefly loop, and principles of friction [lumpy, Mar 05 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       I *think* I saw this in Mad Magazine about 25 years ago. Al Jaffee used to do "gag" inventions which were oddly prescient, as some have have developed into actual devices. I recall a Jaffee parking lot space saver in the form of a modified ferris wheel that I much later saw put to use. I didn't see much about Jaffee via Google just now, but I recommend his invention work to all bakers. Apologies if this is common bakery knowledge.
snarfyguy, Jun 01 2001

       Seems to me you'd need something to keep the shelves from sliding around in the loop and becoming non-level. Maybe friction would be enough if the rope & shelf material were chosen well.   

       I've seen shelves like waugs' rope shelf link made with steel cable as well; if you have more than a few shelves on one rope you need a pretty strong rope.
wiml, Jun 01 2001

       I've seen shelves held up with a loop of military-type nylon webbing. The purpose was to make them easily storable, you turn the shelf board up on edge <obviously after it's been emptied, although it'd be empty shortly after doing it anyway...> and it hangs in the loop against the wall, but you have it available when needed.
StarChaser, Jun 02 2001

       To get extra friction on the board, you could wrap a few coils of rope around the shelf board. That should keep it from getting unleveled after you apply the load.   

       You might also want to make a loop or hitch at the hook. (Pile hitch or butterfly loop). Use a Zeppelin Bend to join the ends of the rope together to form the sling or loop.
lumpy, Mar 05 2002


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