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Wall viewer

Eliminate blind spots
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A regular door viewer is a wide angle lens fixed to a tube with another lens on the observer's side. Simple, inexpensive, requires no power.

The BorgCo wall viewer is the same except the tube is much, much longer and the optics are adjusted to compensate.

The Wall Viewer is installed in locations in a dwelling where otherwise (due to the lack of windows etc.) there is a "blind spot". Just drill a hole through the wall, and fix the Wall Viewer into it. Et Viola !

8th of 7, Nov 23 2013


       sp. window
ytk, Nov 23 2013

       You forget that our earthbound cubes don't have freedom to rotate in three dimensions. We'd be stuck looking at one single spot - which, if it's interesting, will probably move; if it doesn't move, it's probably uninteresting.
lurch, Nov 23 2013

       Private investigators I'm told carry a hunk of plastic they can place on the outside of these door peep holes and change the optics to see inside the house.   

       Maybe some sort of one way mirror would stop this means to invade privacy.
popbottle, Nov 26 2013


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