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Warmer doghouse

Doghouse "weathervanes" so cold wind will not blow in the door
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Doghouses often have large entry doors that allow cold winds, from ever changing directions, to enter the enclosure.

I suggest attaching a windmill-like "vertical stabilizer" to the roof of the doghouse. The doghouse would be mounted on a "lazy susan" type of ball bearing rotating base. With enough wind, the entry door would rotate to the downwind side of the cold wind.

A more complicated variation would rotate the doghouse via an electric motor controlled by wind direction sensors.

A negative aspect may be that the animal would be disturbed by the movement. But, after they got used to the benefits, hopefully not.

Sunstone, Oct 29 2006

Idea fetch. http://www.ideafetch.ca/en/index.asp
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Oct 30 2006]


       It's not too late. [link]   

       My dog will turn 14 next year. She is the cutest old dog alive (still) and just got a tumor removed from an organ I can't name because I don't know the word in english... and she could use one of these doghouses for recovery. + for caring about the little details in dog's lives.
Pericles, Oct 31 2006


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