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Waste water garage cooling radiator.

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I live in Tucson Arizona and the upstairs to my house has a large room which is located directly above the garage. Its fine and all in the winter. I drive the car, park it in the garage and the heat from the engine actually does something. Warming the garage which is turn warms the room above. In the summer time its a different story. The garage gets up ove 95 then I park the car in it which only adds to the problems.

My idea is to use waste water, from the sinks showers and toilets to be fed through a radiator that would make up a portion of the garage wall. A fan would draw air over the radiator which in turn would cool the garage. It wouldnt be filtered water but it would have a system that would allow large turds and all the other debris to go straight to the sewer line. The rest of the water would pass through the radiator on its way to the sewer.

10clock, Jun 29 2005

(?) It's called a Swamp Cooler http://www.wonderqu...m/swamp-coolers.htm
How to become cool [Canuck, Jun 29 2005]

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       Offer free parking for a refrigerator truck in your garage.
mensmaximus, Jun 29 2005

       How does the bakery cycle through new postings?
10clock, Jun 29 2005

       A vent fan would move warm air, that warm air would be replaced by warm air. The radiator would cool the air. It would have a fan that passes air over a radiator that has the cool crap water flowing through it.
10clock, Jun 29 2005

       Ohh, neat idea. Although, you’re probably going to need someone to be constantly flushing the toilet to really notice a difference.
Greenspan, Jun 29 2005

       Water running in pipes is not a good cooling agent. It is in the evaporation of water that its cooling value is found (see link), and I doubt you'd want to be exposing your garage to waste water, even filtered. Now if you could bury a lot of pipe underground where it is cooler...   

       Sorry for the fishbone.
Canuck, Jun 29 2005

       Ok so you could have a waste water reservoir. A radiator is sealed, nothing is exposed.
10clock, Jun 29 2005

       [Canuck], "water running in pipes is not a good cooling agent?" Hello?   

       The entire school where I work is cooled by chilled water running in pipes. [10] may have left a few details out but his idea is sound.   

       Not very effective probably, since the delta-T and fluid dwell is too low to be of much use, but sound.
elhigh, Jul 07 2005

       I stand by my assertion [elhigh]. If you simply run the household waste water through a pipe and have fan blowing across those pipes there will be little or no cooling value obtained. Why? Because you haven't cooled the water first. If you investigate your school's cooling system you will probably find some kind of refrigeration system which cools the water before it is carried though the pipes. I made reference to this concept by suggesting he bury some pipe underground to cool the water, but you may have missed that.   

       And I am gratified by your final sentence which agrees with the whole point of my anno since I never questioned how sound the idea was in the first place. I just expressed my doubts about its effectiveness.
Canuck, Jul 07 2005

       Reverse the process. Run your domestic water through a fan coil, blowing into your room. The minimum water temperature will be when it's entering your house, not leaving it.
Worldgineer, Jul 07 2005

       Thank you [Worldgineer]. My point exactly - run the water through underground pipes!
Canuck, Jul 07 2005


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