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transfer flood plain waters by national pipeline to dams in drought areas.
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Capture flood water from consistently flooded states and divert it by pipeline to holding dams in drought ridden states. Something like the defunct Alaska Pipeline.
Lisart, Aug 07 2000

(?) A similar idea baked - canals to be used for this purpose in the UK http://www.the-time...timnwsnws01017.html
I haven't heard any more about this since the original story here was released, but it does sound promising; given that the pipelines are already in existence, it looks quite easy to put into operation. [vincebowdren, Aug 07 2000, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Self-Explanatory Idea Names http://www.halfbake...tory_20idea_20names
Something this idea is NOT! [dgeiser13, Aug 07 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Garrison Keillor once unveiled a scheme for draining lake Superior into the Grand Canyon - not a bad idea, except it's mostly uphill - Texas might bite though.
Scott_D, Aug 07 2000

       The United States and Canada, which have a ludicrous proportion of the world's fresh water reserves (the Great Lakes alone make up 40 percent of the world's liquid fresh water), have few if any places that have a real water "surplus," ecologically-speaking. Canada has expressed a "death before water export" attitude, and the Great Lakes states are only somewhat less vehement.   

       In the world of today, there are only two amounts of fresh water: "too little" and "enough."
Uncle Nutsy, Aug 07 2000

       There's nothing wrong with this suggestion except that it's a) shockingly obvious, and b) horribly labelled.   

       and what about plain old desalinization ?
Peal-n-Eat_Shrimp, Sep 28 2002


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