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Water Bottle Tumbleweeds

Inspired by the link!
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With all of the tumbleweeds in the desert, couldn't we attach water bottles to them in case someone gets lost?

Or maybe gene mod them (when we advance far enough) so that the have a water reservoir in the center.

You never know, the life it saves may be yours!

DesertFox, Feb 08 2005

Desert Tumble Post Desert_20Tumble_20Post
Desert Tumble Post - Inspirational idea. [Blumster, Feb 08 2005]


       You forgot to provide a link, but I'm willing to guess it's the one I put up. I'd like to see them painted green or red, or even glow in the dark, for easier spotting in the vast desert.[+].
Blumster, Feb 08 2005

       Ahhhh! Thanks for the link. Yep! It's the right one!
DesertFox, Feb 08 2005


       wouldn't heavy water bottles inhibit tumbling?
po, Feb 08 2005

       the coke and pepsi tumblweed war begins again.
benfrost, Feb 10 2005

       [po], heavy water bottles might also be used to develop nuclear weapons...
suctionpad, Feb 10 2005

       Ah, and insidiously enough, they are their own delivery system!
spacer, Feb 12 2005

       My luck mine would come with a message inside.
RayfordSteele, Feb 12 2005

       instead of message in a bottle... its a message in a tumbleweed! so much more practical for those who are landlocked... and cheaper too.
Seolyk, Sep 30 2005

       An oversized tumbleweed dispenser with water-filled tumbleweeds could be used for putting out desert fires.
phundug, Sep 30 2005

       [phundug] you'd need to make those water balloons (ok, a water balloon like container)... otherwise the water would fall right our
Seolyk, Oct 01 2005

       GMO tumbleweeds with brandy filled centers might eventually replace St Bernard dogs.
bungston, Jan 15 2010

       I don't think I recall this. It's a classic halfbaked unidea. +
blissmiss, Jan 15 2010


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