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Water Activated Bandage

Gets sticky when wet
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A few weeks ago at work, I had an open cut on my knee. Unfortunately our health policy stuff doesn't allow that. I normally would've just taped it up with duct tape, but apperently at work I can't do that either. (something about bad first aid) Anyway I taped it up with some nice sticky medical tape. 15 min of swimming and it fell off. So I put some more one. It stayed for a while, but eventually all that was left was one little strip.

What I want is some tape, with a small amount of adhesive that gets sticky when wet. So the tape would be sticky when it's dry or wet. Which would have solved my problem.

swimr, Oct 14 2004

Krazy Glue For Cuts http://sportsmedici...weekly/aa072000.htm
Works in a pinch. [jurist, Oct 15 2004]

Bandages http://www.business...proof-bandages.html
The link I acidentally deleted...don't remember who posted it [swimr, Oct 15 2004]

3M Blenderm http://www.activefo...tape-1in-x-5yd.aspx
Intended as a reference, not as an ad. [Gamma48, Jun 07 2009]


       Sounds magic to me. Now if your idea was for duck tape band-aids...
Worldgineer, Oct 14 2004

       Waterproof bandages as shown in the link below might have helped keep you from bleeding in the pool and exposing other swimmers to your blood. Cyano-Acrylate super glue works well for mending the occasional minor gash, too.
jurist, Oct 15 2004

       I more or less wanted medical tape that was waterproof to make a good dressing, I don't know if pre-sized bandages would work as well.
swimr, Oct 15 2004

       A pool, teaching swimming lessons. I like it because it's the only job I know of where playing tag is deemed appropriate.
swimr, Oct 15 2004

       duct (or gaffer) tape is always, always appropriate. In the pool, the house, the bedroom... etc.
etherman, Oct 15 2004

       Can't you use a hammer and nails to secure your bandage tightly in place? Pah, glue! What a wimp!
DrBob, Oct 15 2004

       Hammer and nails are too brutal for me DrBob. I just use thumb tacks. ;)   

       Cyanoacrylate is brutal too. Anyone that recommends it has never tried it. That stuff burns a wound like nuclear fuel.
bobad, Oct 15 2004

       Cauterise it i say. Where's that curling tong?
etherman, Oct 15 2004


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