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Roll-on fingertip bandage

Roll onto your fingertip
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Styled much like those miniature-condom finger coverings, except with an absorbent liner in the tip and adhesive elsewhere, these roll-on fingertip bandages will give you the coverage you need to protect a papercut or a hangnail, without the annoying side points or tendency to peel off.

May work best with cloth, marked with a "this side up" indicator so that the weave orientation will allow unhindered finger bending.

Freefall, May 02 2007

Piss Plasters Piss_20Plasters
Shameless self-acknowledgement. [theleopard, May 17 2007]


       How does the rolled-up adhesive bandage *not* fuse to itself before use?
nuclear hobo, May 02 2007

       Very good. (+) It would not be hard to roll a release strip up with the inside lip of the bandage.   

       // those miniature-condom finger coverings // mwahahaha! ... er, the word you're looking for is 'finger cot'.
lurch, May 02 2007

       + sounds sensible.
xandram, May 02 2007

       //It would not be hard to roll a release strip up with the inside lip of the bandage.// This requires a wee bit mre consideration. Assuing a tubular release strip rolled up inside a cylindrical bandage, the release strip will have to be flexible enough to stretch through the deformation necessary to roll into a tube. When unrolled, the release strip is a cylinder inside a cylinder of adhesive, not particularly easy to remove.
nuclear hobo, May 02 2007

       I admit, the rolling of a release strip inside the bandage may pose a challenge. There are other options available.   

       You could coat the exterior of the fabric with a non-stick substance.   

       You could use a moisture-activated adhesive.   


The release strip wouldn't have to end up on the inside. The strip could actually be on the -outside- of the bandage, so that it just slips off after the bandage is rolled on.
Freefall, May 02 2007

       Just make relief cuts in the release strip, like so...   


       ...and the edges would overlap inside the roll.   

       [+] great idea. Patentable even.
theleopard, May 17 2007


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