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Water Play Pen

Floating Play Pen
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I think this must be baked, but I cant find it anywhere. Think of a conventional child's playpen, with a mesh base, about 3 ft by 3 ft by 3 ft deep. Then imagine a rubber tube around it, allowing it to float with about 4 inches of water in the bottom. this allows you to place junior in the playpen in the pool, along with his rubber duckie,and his balls, while you lounge alongside him.
senatorjam, Jul 21 2002


       A child can drown in 4 inches of water, and moreover could get entangled in the mesh. Wouldn't make it past the watchdogs.
DrCurry, Jul 21 2002

       Er. Why would you put someone who can't swim in a pool then place them in a device which, when inverted, would trap them underwater?
phoenix, Jul 21 2002

       [DrCurry] point noted about the 4 inches of water, however there is a maximum size mesh for use in children toys and stuff, with the hole too small to allow hands and feet to go through. [Pheonix] the Idea is that this would be difficult to invert, based on its hight to width ratio, and the large rubber tube near the base, also, it does not mean that the child would be left unattended.
senatorjam, Jul 21 2002

       Ever met parents of a drowned baby?
My pop's last official act as a fire chief was trying to revive a drowned baby.
Note I said trying - rhymes with crying - like the parents.
thumbwax, Jul 21 2002

       It's ultimately up to the parents to take responsibility for the safety of their children- paddling pools and the like are acceptable, it's just the play pen title that implies a lack of supervision -> possibly not a good idea.
timo, Jul 22 2002


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