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Water Powered Turbo

Just Wait for the water to heat
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I have been toying with this idea for sometime now. Basically it's a device to turbo charge the engine with the power of steam. If you could simply get enough combustion from the boiling water to give that extra boost. Must be possible
Turkish, Aug 29 2003


       Yes, but was it a "boost?"
k_sra, Aug 29 2003

       Possible, surely, but do you really want to carry all that water around?
phoenix, Aug 29 2003

       The exhaust manifolds (or headers) could provide the heat, and the water could be re-used in a closed system (similar to an a/c unit)... the steam condenses back into the collection pool, gets re-heated, turns to steam, runs back through the turbine, etc. It would cool the exhaust though and that might interfere with the cat. Could take a while to come online, but once up to temp a computer could control boost pressure instantly. So the boost lag would be up front (during the fist five minutes or so of engine warm-up). The excess steam could be routed through a coffee mug warmer. I'll give it a + vote for making me feel compelled to add my comments.
bevnap, Aug 29 2003

       hmmm, I like steam-related ideas so + but you put into car:speed so -
dickity, Aug 29 2003

       It is possible... but we must again return to high-school physics and the the law of conservation of energy.
Cedar Park, Aug 29 2003

       (+) actually, for the quarter-mile dragster it wouldn't be a bad idea ... you 'jet' the steam into a higher pressure stream to spin the turbo for the amount of boost you need ... no more turbo lag in the short term ... and just carry a small container of water on board to supply it ... kinda like the nuclear reactor water-return system taken from submarines into cars, but for the dragster just vent it
Letsbuildafort, Aug 29 2003


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