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Watermelon De-seeding Service

I'm tired of having to spit out the seeds
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Cut watermelon and scoop out the seeds. Use Ultrasound or machine vision to automate the process. The result will be the watermelon in thin slices, placed together forming the original shape, packed with cling film or shrink wrap or similiar.

Service offered somewhere near (duh!) watermelons are sold.

neelandan, Feb 17 2004

Seedless Watermelons http://aggie-hortic.../may00/h5may00.html
I think I've seen these somewhere before. [Cedar Park, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]

seeds to swallow http://www.tropical...com/watermelon.html
I like those agent orange yellow watermelons [FarmerJohn, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]

The Australian version http://15min.org/ar.../19/clublink_2.html
Mr Chad Morgan [ConsulFlaminicus, May 16 2008]


       Packets of pre-sliced de-seeded melon are also baked. And overpriced and ridiculous.
kropotkin, Feb 17 2004

       D'ye wanna see me with melon creepers sprouting from every orifice, UB?   

       This is not a product, it's a SERVICE, kropotkin.
neelandan, Feb 17 2004

       I also eat the seeds...never had a problem. Working the seeds out is a waste of time and detracts from the full enjoyment of eating a watermelon. We also used to pickle the rinds...highly delicious.
Blisterbob, May 07 2008

       Well, as a guy who trained up to eat an entire watermelon in a day, I applaud the novelty of the idea, although I like the seeds as part of the experience.
normzone, May 07 2008

       //I like the seeds as part of the experience.// Exactly! Whether you spit or swallow [the seeds] it's all part of the fun! But I still bunned it for those who have issues with the seeds.
Jscotty, May 08 2008


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