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We Have a Story

Make e-mail correspondence more enjoyable and continious with - one scene at a time - attached comics
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A web service which will attach an image/scene from a comic book title (like Spiderman, Hulk, Fantastic Four and etc) under each email while correspondening with a person.

Imagine you start exchanging e-mails with your girlfriend and subscribed to a title from Spiderman. Under each email you sent to her, or she sents to you there will be one image/scene from the story. To read the story further you need to send and receive more emails back and forth. You will experience two narratives developing at the same time, yours with your friend and the comics. You may find parallels between two which will make your correspondence enjoyable.

This can easily be integrated to web based email programs like gmail or yahoo.

can1073, Jan 02 2008


       She may also start to suspect that you're paying more attention to the Invisible Woman than to her.
pertinax, Jan 02 2008

       Pertinax, No worries.. she knows that I can't compete against Mr. Fantastic anyways.
can1073, Jan 02 2008

       Oh yeah. Any idea that encourages increased e-mail correspondance...
globaltourniquet, Jan 02 2008

       //...involving naked woman//   

       Is that wonder woman's more popular sister?
bnip, Jan 03 2008

       ...to the rescue!
globaltourniquet, Jan 03 2008


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