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Weaponised Mosquito Spit

Did it just get itchy in here?
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After reading that the part of a mosquito bite that causes an "itchy" is it's saliva, I began to wonder if this could be weaponised.

Could be used by Riot Police, Military applications or simply as a practical joke.

No idea on how to "milk" a mosquito or how quickly it would work, but you can imagine a "splash" of it could cause major skin problems or at least huge irritation for the victim.

emjay, Dec 03 2006

Why Do Mosquito Bites Itch? http://www.drgreene.com/21_60.html
[jurist, Dec 03 2006]

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       I think it must be under the skin. Lots of things will make you itchy if they get through your skin.
bungston, Dec 03 2006


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