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Wearable 360 microwave triggered camera

Wearable 360 view microwave triggered camera
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For those paranoid of microwave exposure.

A ordinary 360 degree view camera mounted on a hat. Has a microwave detector that can trigger camera shutter added. Set the trigger at a level you like and take walk round your usual haunts. Results will vary.

Camera can make a small noise as it shutters or not as wearer prefers.

You will soon know the radiation hot spots in your neighborhood.

Snap in modules available for other frequency radiation.

Online help available in calculating likely sources from a batch of photos.

A more expensive model would shoot a pic back in the direction the radiation came from.

popbottle, Oct 08 2013


       The last paragraph makes no sense to me - what direction would the cheap version point?
lurch, Oct 08 2013

pocmloc, Oct 08 2013


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