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Weather music

The Four Seasons
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Weather. It's all very well and good, but you can't get it on iTunes.

Until now.

For several decades, thousands of weather stations around the globe have been recording barometric pressures on a minute by minute basis.

In a recent lucrative deal with the Met Office*, MaxCo. has secured the non-exclusive rights to this data. Sped up by a factor of several thousand, and digitally remasturbated, these barometric pressure fluctuations become a dynamic soundscape available on a wide range of regionally-themed CDs.

The daily fluctuations in recorded pressure become a rich A above middle C. Spells of sunny, dull or stormy weather add modulations and overtones, whilst the seasonal barometric trends become deep bass notes. Longer-term climate shifts are reflected in gradual transitions of timbre and amplitude.

Listen from the comfort of your own armchair to fifteen years of your local weather. Enjoy full stereophony as the pulsing mercury of Africa plays a counterpoint to the slow- shifting monsoon-driven barometry of Asia, or let the perpetual depression over North Wales lull you to sleep.

Buy now while weather lasts!

[*actually we just had to agree to buy them several packets of Hobnobs]

MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 29 2013




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