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Ting Tong Ping Pong

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A game and a musical instrument for two players, each at opposite ends of the table tennis table, each wielding a bat fashioned so as to produce whatever eastern percussion sound - saron, angklung, gong, regong - is desired, the ball itself being appropriately felt-covered and bouncy, such that when, in the course of a game, ball and bat connect, a sweet note is struck. Groups of competitor virtuosi may gather in such acoustically sound gym halls as may be convenient, tables arrayed with pleasing symmetry, to perform either perfectly timed multi-instrumental musical pieces (such pieces being scored in a manner equivalent to chess) or to embrace the competitive and produce instead free jazz.
calum, May 13 2008

Pinging Pong Pinging_20Pong
by DesertFox. [calum, May 13 2008]

ping-pong ping-ball ping-pong_20ping-ball
by po [calum, May 13 2008]

Free Jazz http://www.allmusic...ll?p=amg&sql=77:450
[calum, May 13 2008]

The Ting Tings http://en.wikipedia...wiki/The_Ting_Tings
[normzone, May 13 2008]

The Goons Ying Tong song http://www.youtube....watch?v=Nebe1zuEtbc
for those who just don't get it [xenzag, May 13 2008]

Ting Tong http://www.youtube....6KY&feature=related
It IS Ting Tong! [gnomethang, May 13 2008]

Steel Drum Urinals Steel_20Drum_20Urinals
by lostdog. [calum, May 15 2008]

Ting Tong http://www.youtube....watch?v=rEpOW3Z-btA
No ping pong [wagster, May 15 2008]


       Table Tenors. (+)   

       Cowbell Table Tennis.
zen_tom, May 13 2008

Jinbish, May 13 2008

calum, May 13 2008

       One bat could make a tiny ping, and other a massive, ear shattering bong.... I have no idea why this would be an improvement on the idea, but somehow I know that this variation is the only one worthy of development. Let me know when you've got it working ! +
xenzag, May 13 2008

       Ying Tong, shirley?
po, May 13 2008

       I po
xenzag, May 13 2008

       Did anyone ever play IK+ on the Commodore 64?
theleopard, May 13 2008

       gnit-gnot, gnip-gnop +
xandram, May 13 2008

       Howabout "cheech-chong" for the druggie market?
RayfordSteele, May 13 2008

       If each bat emitted a puff of rancid gas every time the ball was struck could this new game be called the Pingping Pongpong?
xenzag, May 13 2008

       /Did anyone ever play IK+ on the Commodore 64?/   

       Yep. Are you hinting at those levels where balls would come at you from either side, and in 2D you would paddle them away with one's karate prowess? Man that was awesome.
Texticle, May 13 2008

       The obvious sounds to recreate would be the 'beeps' and 'boops' from 'Pong.'
RayfordSteele, May 13 2008

       <does best Walkin impression>   

       Needs more cowbell.   

       [Texticle], that is exactly what I'm talking about. On the higher levels as it gets increasingly more manic and the pitch of the clangs rises with the speed of the iron balls - that's the sound I'm thinking of.   

       They just don't make games like that any more. Have there been any fighting games since in which you fight one on one on one?
theleopard, May 14 2008

       //One bat could make a tiny ping, and other a massive, ear shattering bong//
This, this being here the use of different paddles for the creation of differing noises, is pretty much what I was aiming for, though I realise now that the hasty drafting of the idea text doesn't necessarily give that impression. At one end of the scale, a massive sports arena filled with a 20 x 5 arrangement of tables, players grouped either in a pseudo classical orchestra heirarchy or in whatever complex scattering of instruments the piece requires and at the other end of the scale, a smoky snooker hall retofitted for a 2 or 4 man free jazz cacophony.
calum, May 14 2008

       //Did anyone ever play IK+ on the Commodore 64?//   

       Anyone remember Logan's Run? I was quite young at the time, but was absolutely fascinated by the computer generated yell when your character fell to his demise.   

       "I put my pants on, just like the rest of you, one leg at a time. Except, once my pants are on, I make gold records."
MikeD, May 14 2008

       Stepping away from the gamelan, perhaps this could work with a steel drum approach, with lostdog's piss-orchestra playing alongside.
calum, May 15 2008


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