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I wonder 'weather' I should go out dressed like this?
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A lot of people in big cities work in high rise buildings. A lot of these people will not be able to see a window from their desk, but even if they can, the fact that any windows are often tinted and sealed can lead to a lack of awareness regarding the weather outside. This ignorance is compounded when you consider that the air conditioning will also be hiding the true temperature. When people working in these buildings have to go outside, maybe for lunch or to run an errand, there is a real danger that they will wrongly assess the exterior weather conditions and leave the building ill-prepared. They might, for example, go out wearing a thick coat in 25 deg. sunshine, or a mere T-shirt in icy winds. Considering that time = money for a lot of people who work in such offices, wasting 15 minutes returning to your desk is not an attractive option. A much better idea would be to put the minute or two spent waiting for the lift to better use by providing a small ‘what’s the weather like?’ room.

These rooms would be positioned next to the elevators on each floor. Sensors on the outside of the building would feed into a computer, which in turn would control the weather in the room, keeping it identical to the weather outside Wind, rain, temperature and humidity would all be represented accurately. The ceiling of the room could even incorporate a plasma screen television showing live pictures of the sky above the building. A simple airlock may be required to avoid pollution of the weather at busy times.

stupop, Jun 10 2002

GNOME Weather http://tbp.berkeley.../gweather_applet/C/
Put it in the panel. [bookworm, Jun 11 2002, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       Elaborate. A simple weather website would solve the problem.
[ sctld ], Jun 10 2002

       I concur. Or phone-based service.
phoenix, Jun 10 2002

       Maybe by having the lifts on the outside of the building with no roof and sides would be easier and more technically feasible. The person then calling the lift would have the chance before descending to floor level to quickly exit and return to their desk for umbrella or Lowe Alpine Mountaineering Jacket.
English Pete, Jun 10 2002

       Fun with practical applications, but a little expensive. Weather reports on websites and tv are generalized and this is so much more immediate- right now on my lunch hour (not over the afternoon) and right here (not at the airport). But, do I really want to have to go into the room where its raining to figure out I need an umbrella? That just sounds uncomfortable, even if it is sorta neat. What if the sensor just accurately reports the current conditions on a screen by the elevators for you to read along with a camera feed to activity in front of the building to see conditions and people watching for those "oh, it's warmed up now and people are carrying their jackets, so i just won't even bring mine to lunch" kinds of days.
kurma, Jun 10 2002

       Just have a door that opens to a ledge.
waugsqueke, Jun 10 2002

       Check out the bike messengers to see how wet or cold they are.
hello_c, Jun 10 2002

       And if it comes back with a fish in its mouth, build an ark.
RayfordSteele, Jun 11 2002

       [UnaBubba] is actually Bill Cosby?
half, Jun 11 2002

       Spoilsports. Well, allow me to retort.   

       A simple weather website or phone service would not solve the problem as satisfactorily or as interestingly. I don't really concur that 'elaborate' can be feasibly construed as a negative point in this forum.   

       A screen showing pictures of outside along with weather information would be better I guess, but I still don't think it would sink in properly - there's a real difference between feeling what the temperature is, and reading a number from the screen.   

       //do I really want to have to go into the room where its raining to figure out I need an umbrella? That just sounds uncomfortable, even if it is sorta neat.//   

       It may be uncomfortable, but remember, you're going into the weatheroom with the same gear on as you're about to go outside in. If it's uncomfortable then you have the chance to change.   

       [hello_c] One of the reasons I thought this would be a good idea is because receptionists always asked me detailed questions about the weather when I worked as a bike messenger - especially before lunchtime.
stupop, Jun 11 2002


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