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Work Benchs for Daily Rent

Fifty different kinds workbenchs in a Vacant Warehouse
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Fifty different workbenchs in a Vacant Warehouse

Loom, blacksmith, machine shop, paper making, and so on as market demands. Home workshop as well.

Like the hotel in the link. But different benches for various kinds of work and tasks. Ability to lock up the space, Filter the air, filter the noise would be good for some of the spaces.

popbottle, Aug 03 2014

trailer hotel http://www.junk-cul...nsforms-vacant.html
Colorful. [popbottle, Aug 03 2014]

Similar, if not the same from ten years back. Workshop_20Clubs
Well the trailer hotel is still interesting [popbottle, Aug 03 2014]

baked http://artisansasylum.com/site/
They built a walking spider vehicle that I read about [sninctown, Aug 03 2014]

Makespace http://makespace.org/
£40 a month gets you access to a community-run workshop full of all sorts of fun and thumb-endangering tools. They haven't been sued into nonexistence ... at least not yet. [Wrongfellow, Aug 18 2014]


       I was thinking of something similar yesterday, but of a more negative twist.   

       It was a hire-able company workshop, for a modest fee you could employ someone you don't like via a shell company and they could fall foul of some regrettably terminal industrial accident.   

       Actually going out and killing someone tends to end in a jail sentence, even "accidentally" driving over someone while drunk driving carries some penalty, but being a director of a negligent company seems to have no penalty whatsoever.
not_morrison_rm, Aug 03 2014

       Yup. Winner. Make it "workspace" rather than bench. If I want to make a trailer, dog cage, set of metal shelves, etc. I either need to own $10k worth of boilermaking gear, rent said equipment then try to use if in the pissant space available at my home, or pay someone a shit-tonne to make something that isn't quite what I wanted.   

       Solution: rent out an equipped workspace with everything I need. Ditto for carpentry, etc.   

       You'd need to address issues of costly equipment abuse (very easy to damage things like welders, metal lathes, precision equipment etc) - so there'd either be a big deposit, or onsite supervision of some sort.   

       I like this a lot.
Custardguts, Aug 17 2014

       / You'd need to address issues of costly equipment abuse / Agreed.   

       You'd need to address issues of costly people abuse, as well.   

       Some of the nerds, hobbyists, scientists likely to rent have horrible records and bad instincts when it comes protecting their fingers, eyeballs and other body parts.   

       Two fingers and a thumb with a skill saw was the latest I knew personally. Seemed a competent guy.
popbottle, Aug 18 2014

       I watched a dude turn on a 240V 5" angle grinder (with 2mm grinding disc installed), and have it rotate in his (limp) hand and cut his thumb off. He, despite being an otherwise intelligent and normally-functioning individual, just didn't get that power tools need to be firmly held and controlled with two hands.   

       I watched another dude get his loose shirt sleeve caught in a rotating metal lathe chuck, only to have it (somehow) suck the shirt off his body rather than suck his arm through the stock. I still to this day can't understand how that happened. He owes the universe at least an arm.   

       The list could go on, I'm sure others have examples to share as well, perhaps this isn't the place.   

       This would be a liability nightmare. But still, I want it to happen.
Custardguts, Aug 18 2014

       I've always wanted to melt metal and pour it in sand casting made using things like fish, or guns. But I understand the reluctance to turn me loose to play in such areas untrained.
normzone, Aug 18 2014

       As the links indicate, this is a maker space, and they're becoming more and more common.
MechE, Aug 18 2014


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