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The STARPI award

For absurd and/or offensive statements of corporate values, mission, vision (etc)
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So. At my last job I got a STARPI award, for displaying some or all of the official "corporate values". Which were: - Service - Teamwork - Accountability - Respect - Pride - Innovation

Well. Thank goodness STARPI is an acronym, not an anagram. Because that would just be absurd (TAPIRS) or utterly offensive (RAPIST).

I propose the STARPI award for examples (IRL) of corporate values statements that are somehow equally, or more, absurd and/or offensive.

sofacrat, May 22 2015


       The HalfBakery: Unserviceability - Steamwork - Uncountability - Resistant futility - Custard - Bunnovation.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 23 2015


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