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Web Ad Replace service

If you cant fight them, join them. (Computer: Web: Advertising)
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Alternative ad feeds, for non offending, or local feeds. Service for google ads and the likes, to make people more comfortable with the ads they send you.

A free service for the users - you choose "Ad Groups" - pre filtered groups of advertisements. So YOU decide what you want to see. You can see in advance a list and short description of the ads and where they are from.

Or for a small pay, make your own group. If you make your own, you must at least once before the day that someone who is signed on to your group browses, enter and update the ads. A group must have at least 10 paid ads in it. This is halfbakery, so I didn't think of all the possibilities. But you get the idea.

If you didn't update your group, the browsing people will see the default ads they see today.

Perhaps a TargetedWebAds.com site to interface with all the large advertising feeds in the various countries. It seems there aren't too many for each country, maybe 100 sources of online advertisements (banners and so).

pashute, Aug 19 2010

The advertisement that had me think of this (on Thesaurus.com) https://docs.google...LBCYB3hxxBsYM&hl=iw
While drawing the spiral for my circular music idea. [pashute, Aug 19 2010]


       OK, sorry I didn't do a web search before...   

       This idea is for THE PUBLIC and not for the advertisers. (Although it must benefit them, if we want it to work).   

       So its not targetedWebAds.com - they do EXACTLY the OPPOSITE. I'm editing and changing this.   

       And perhaps they don't do anything. A second glance at Google shows they may be the source of a Trojan.
pashute, Aug 19 2010

       I want Japanese ads: colourful, cute chiclets and totally nonsensical.
FlyingToaster, Aug 19 2010


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