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Pandora for chess

Get Paid to Play Chess
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what pandora did for radio, this website will do for chess, but it's an online chess community that allows users to make money winning chess games. Premise:

1) during registration, users check boxes that indicates their interests and activities (including chess)

2) before the user starts a match with another user, a 5 second pre-roll ad will be presented to them that has to do with their interests. a post-roll ad will also follow

3) during the game, the background of the webpage is a full page ad tastefully presented, much like pandora's system.

4) after every 10 moves, the background changes into a new ad, but the refreshing shouldn't affect the chess board itself. (Caveat: it isn't likely that the user will click on an ad during the game...)

5) for every game a user wins, he pockets a % of the ad revenue generated from that one match

6) there will be a small membership fee to sign up, but it should be nominal compared to average profits for users

7) after every game the user can claim his cash prize, but before he can get the physical check he must give his opinion on the effectiveness of the ad and how the ad can be made better, thus giving advertisers feedback and suggestions

gchakrab, Nov 09 2008

Pandora.com http://www.pandora.com/
For those who don't know (I didn't), Pandora lets you listen to music and offers suggestions for other songs you might like. Evidently it's ad-supported. [phoenix, Nov 09 2008]

Chess.com http://www.chess.com/
Get your bishops for nothing, get your chess for free. [zen_tom, Nov 09 2008]


       sp: "Paid"   

       Nice first idea, but are you counting on bystanders/lurkers to be generating the revenue? I think if there were money in it, it'd be on ESPN.
phoenix, Nov 09 2008

       ESPN 8 ~ The ochto!
4whom, Nov 09 2008

       WHY THE NEGATIVE!!! hahha, jk   

       seriously though, for revenue the post-roll and pre-roll ads coupled with the ads during game play and the user impression should be considered revenue? i mean, for any one match, there will be 2 pre-rolls and 2 post rolls (one for each person playing)
gchakrab, Nov 09 2008

       [+] I don't know about your chess idea but I just tried Pandora.com and it's great so I'm giving you a bun for that. Competitive chess has a time element to it, so sticking ads in the middle of a game kind of screws that up. Might want to switch to a game that is not time dependent like poker or monopoly.
theGem, Nov 09 2008

       Does anyone pay for ad impressions? I thought the revenue came from click-throughs. I could be wrong.
phoenix, Nov 09 2008


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