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Premium Popup Post-Its

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A little printer / dispenser, built into the screen surround on your laptop or monitor.

Every now and then you find a yellow sticky note attached to the edge of your screen, where an advertiser has paid a premium to get an ad in front of you, by paying to activate the secret printer built into your screen.

No-one is ever told how the system works; the notes just appear occasionally, first thing in the morning.

UnaBubba, Jan 15 2013


       UnaBubba, Your mind should be sold for scientific discovery.
Brian the Painter, Jan 15 2013

       I just don't like yellow. May I get one with pink? [+]
xandram, Jan 15 2013

       This is funny. And cute, you cutie. +
blissmiss, Jan 16 2013

       You can have pink, [xandram]. Just for you.
UnaBubba, Jan 16 2013

       I like creating little mysteries like this. [+]
AusCan531, Jan 16 2013

       I thought of it as an alternative to the crappy "yellow post-it" software apps that people have started using.
UnaBubba, Jan 16 2013

       Periodically your display is going to need to be reloaded with a new set of post-its.   

       This will require some plausible excuse for service of your monitor, perhaps loading fresh pixels in it, or maybe you get periodic free upgrades to larger displays.
normzone, Jan 16 2013

       The free upgrade path would be the easiest way to maintain the deception.
UnaBubba, Jan 16 2013


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