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Webcomics for blind people

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Webcomics are fun, short, and highly visual... whats good for the goose is not always good for the gander, and profoundly blind people are one of them.

To help them enjoy stuff like XKCD, why not have a service that voice overs and describe every web comics. It would be preferably be by a real person, but it could also be done by text to speech (however you lose the emotional tone that visual comics often show).

tl;dr: Voice acting of webcomics like XKCD for profoundly blind people

mofosyne, Jul 30 2013

distributed audio description http://www.acb.org/adp/vdrdc.html
[JesusHChrist, Jul 30 2013]

Calvin and Hobbes search engine http://michaelyingl.../calvin_and_hobbes/
[ytk, Jul 30 2013]

Bloom County search engine http://chug.org/bloom-county/
(apparently a work in progress) [ytk, Jul 30 2013]

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       To save time, perhaps we could boil down the essence of various webcomics, to save the blind the chore of reading them. Thus, XKCD becomes "Smug stick man makes smug comment to stick woman. Mouseover reveals smug non-joke." or perhaps more tersely "Smug non-joke".
calum, Jul 30 2013

       There are a few classic comic strips hat have a community implemented system similar to this for creating a searchable archive. Fans type in descriptions of what's happening in a single strip, including dialog. Over time, the entire series (if the comic strip is no longer produced anyway) becomes indexed.
ytk, Jul 30 2013

       any comic you remember that does this ytk?   

       Also will these description and dialog be enough for blind people to enjoy?
mofosyne, Jul 30 2013

       Links provided to a couple of examples (though the Bloom County one doesn't seem to be online yet).
ytk, Jul 30 2013


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