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Weed Incinerator

A safe and effective way to manage hard to kill weeds
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The Weed Incinerator is a device shaped like a large nail that comes in a variety of sizes(wider for larger area of effect or longer for deeper penetration or a combintion for variable effect based on depth)

To use the incinerator is pushed or driven into the ground beside the tap root of any large or deep hard to kill weed or plant(larger versions could be used for shrubs or small trees such as along foundations)

The ignitor is then attached and the incinerator is ignited. The fuel(perhaps Phosphorus or other chemical fuel that does not need air and burns very hot) then burns, heating up the soil immediatly surrounding the spike which will kill the tap root that is nearby well below the surface. The insulating properties of soil will localize the effect and prevent damage to nearby plants.

If Phosphorus or Nitrogen based material are used, the by products would act as fertilizer for surrounding plants.

In dry conditions the soil can be wetted prior to use yet the effect would be the same.

A safe and effective means of control without the use of organic Herbicides.

jhomrighaus, May 04 2006

These things exist, but the only thing I can find is a passing reference in this article http://www.american...rns_heat/index.html
"...features a heated coil at its tip. The user places the tip on the weed." [DrCurry, May 04 2006]

Lawnbake Lawnbake
Very similar. [bungston, May 05 2006]

Burning weed http://www.pbs.org/...y-dec02/729burn.jpg
[normzone, May 05 2006]


       I likes. Incineration seems a bit overkill, though. A lesser heat should do the job and could be electric / rechargable instead of chemically fueled.
Shz, May 04 2006

       Weed burners are well baked.
Galbinus_Caeli, May 04 2006

       and how exactly do you localize the root ? and if you do so, why don't you just dig it out ?
sweet, May 04 2006

       [sweet] This would also be effective in situations where digging the root is difficult(such as in sidewalks or patios or when root is in the root system of a larger plant(like ornamental trees or shrubs)   

       [Jutta] I agree on the weed burners(i even own one but it is only a temporary fix)   

       [Shz] Your absolutley correct, incinerator is probably too strong a word but it sounded a lot more fun ;-)
jhomrighaus, May 04 2006

       oh, ook. i liked the idea - a large tooth that enters deep into the ground and spits its burning venom when touching the pittiful weed's root - in the first place. now if it's also useful (which, at first, i didn't think) here's a [+].
sweet, May 04 2006

       Just don't let Round Up run off into a place with amphibians. It is dangerous to them. Don't spray on the water or spray when rain is expected in the next 24 hours. The sun will break it down pretty quickly.
Galbinus_Caeli, May 04 2006

       But Round-up is boring and no fun. This is a much more entertaining way to do it.
jhomrighaus, May 04 2006

       As far as killing weeds can be said to be eco-friendly, using heat is the way to go. You can get mini-flamethrowers called flamers quite easily. I've also seen electrically powered ones, but I can't find one for sale. You don't actually need to incinerate the plant to kil it, though.
DrCurry, May 04 2006

       I think the key difference here is that I was looking for a way to kill off the root of the plant to prevent its return a short time later which is the problem with most surface level heaters.
jhomrighaus, May 04 2006

       Baked - er, bonfired. See link.
normzone, May 05 2006


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