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Weed Spray

Coloured weed spray, so you know what bits you've done..
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I have quite a big garden, weeds are a big problem, so I tend to use a Glysophate based weed killer, the problem is I can't remember the bits I've done between refilling the sprayer, so how about a coloured spray, using something like a vegetable dye which would wash off during the next rainfall. This would reduce the amount of weedkiller required by ensuring no areas are sprayed twice.
Micky Dread, Apr 28 2003

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       Brilliant and quite baked. I'll try to find a link if you don't trust me but, I see commercial and municipal landscape maintenance crews use the stuff all the time. What I've seen is kind of a blue-green color and I think I've seen some reddish colored as well.   

       However, I feel your pain as I haven't been brilliant enough to hunt down some of the stuff for my own use yet.
half, Apr 28 2003

       I was expecting this idea to be something like a new presentation of marihuana. :( would be cool, huh?. Croissant anyways.
Pericles, Apr 28 2003

       Paraquat? ;-)
Shz, Apr 28 2003

       Hey, I was wondering where you were. No, wait, I was thinking of Mickey The Fish. Sorry.
thumbwax, Apr 29 2003

       Baked in weed killers that contain Bayer SmartTrack, which colors sprayed weeds red. Also, I have seen blue-green dyes used by commercial lawn tenders that show where they've applied fertilizer/weed killer in broad swaths to large lawns.
Guncrazy, Apr 29 2003

       Use a flamethrower. Very easy to spot the bits you've done.
8th of 7, Apr 29 2003


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