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Weigh to go

The next step in footwear design
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A thin-film micro-computer insole in one [?] shoe squeaks embarrassingly when you walk with more than your pre-set weight.

The small amount of power to drive the device will come from the flexing of a piezo-electric layer eh?

rayfo, Oct 22 2000


       This turns one of the activities that could result in weight loss - walking - into a source of embarrassment. I think a squeaking (bucking, maybe?) easy chair would be much more productive.
jutta, Oct 23 2000, last modified Oct 24 2000

       I expected to be slammed because the gadget would, technically, not work. So, assuming that it would work, the output could be audio, tactile, or visual. Some sole music could play? A simulated chip - of gravel, could hurt you? Or a flag could pop out of the toe of your shoe, showing the word "Fatso!"?
rayfo, Oct 24 2000

       Well, #2, we've been in some sight spots before but this is the first time I've downloaded into my shoe.
reensure, Oct 24 2000

       Oooh - if you could set the audio output to a telephone ring, that'd be marvellous.
I'd ALWAYS make a point of overeating, standing up - [shoe rings like phone] - taking it off, and answering
"Hello, Agent 86..."

       Corny, I know, but come on...
Detly, Nov 11 2000

       I need one of these...   

       I used to weigh 165, then 205, then 175, and now I am back on my way up the obesity meter (5'7") and in the past two days, three people have told me to stop gaining weight.   

       I am afraid however, that this would only lead to more riding in the electric carts in order to avoid the obesity beep, which would make them fatter.
mlfnet, Apr 30 2003

       How about just a small electric shock with each overweight step? This would turn into shock-avoidance therapy.
Cedar Park, Apr 30 2003

       Weight watching aside, this COULD be useful for kids who are bringing too many books to school in their backpacks. Or maybe it's just a phenomenon here
LoneRifle, Apr 30 2003

       Horrible idea for frequent flyers. Amagine trying to get a shoe through security with a freaken computer chip in it! And actually I think this would work better for bulimic people, make the alarm go off when they lose the weight of a "purge"....
evilpenguin, May 15 2007


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