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Weight Loss Balloon Animals

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Pinch the wadded up cellophane pill, quickly pop it in your mouth and swallow.

The lemon juice and baking soda inside will mix and expand the balloon inside your stomach, having much the same effect as a stomach stapling, except without the staples, and surgery, and scarring, et cetera.

Eventually the acid in your stomach eats through the balloon skin, popping it, allowing it to pass through.

They come in all different shapes and colours to differentiate between displacement amounts and time before dissolution.

Tastier than tofu.

FlyingToaster, Jul 18 2013

almost, but not quite, entirely unlike.... Tummidom
[FlyingToaster, Jul 18 2013]


       This is an excellent idea. We'll let you know how the patent goes.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 18 2013

       We'll let you know how the patient goes.   

       Someone keeps going about their business inserting balloons into puffer fish.
skinflaps, Jul 18 2013


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