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Weight Loss Brake Shoes

Mass Is Related to 12th Dimension Travel Speed - Brake Shoes Could Cause Weightloss
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If the mass of an object is related to how fast it is traveling with respect to the speed of light, maybe all things derive their mass from traveling on say a hidden 12 th dimension. Then the difference say between the mass of the earth and the sun would be because the mass of the sun is traveling along this dimension faster than the earth and closer to the speed of life. Paradoxically the photons themselves being massless would be stationary on this 12th dimension.

So the invention would be emergency 12th dimension weightloss brake shoes that slow you down and let you lose weight. Maybe the shoes have rubber souls whatever the Beatles meant by that. - Thanks to el dueno.

The validity of this invention might rely on the Higgs Boson being a higgment of the imagination.

socrtwo, Aug 25 2010


       "Higgs Field". "Dimensional collapse".   

       Widely-known-to-exist in Theoretical Physics.
8th of 7, Aug 25 2010

       "Higgs Field" "Dimensional collapse" are they related to traveling at the speed of light? Higgs Bososn are widely known but haven't been discovered yet, so they may still be higgments of the imagination...first pun...smell of blood...
socrtwo, Aug 25 2010

       Does an invention in halfbakery have to be some sort of device? Can it be a speculative scientific explanation instead?
socrtwo, Aug 25 2010

       [marked-for-deletion] theory - please read the help page
hippo, Aug 25 2010

       Therefore, in order to loose weight, all you would need is a brake in the 12th dimension. I like it.   

       Let's package it in a box and sell it on TV.   

       el dueno
el dueno, Aug 25 2010

       — el dueno OK let's change this post to your invention so it doesn't get exampted for theory stuff.   

       Emergency 12th dimension weightloss brake shoes. Maybe the shoes have Rubber Soul whatever the Beatles meant by that.
socrtwo, Aug 25 2010

       Given the change, it's now MFD bad science.
MechE, Aug 25 2010

       really poorly thought out.
WcW, Aug 26 2010

       Of course, given the Heisenberg uncertainty principle, you might actually be gaining weight in other dimensions.
Cedar Park, Aug 26 2010

       I seem to remember in "Superman: The Movie" that, after being banished to the Phantom Zone (presumably synonymous to the 12th dimension), General Zod and his accomplices become 2- dimensional. This "flatness" is something to be desired, fitness-wise; thus, I concur with the truth of this idea.
DrWorm, Aug 26 2010

       I think the currently accepted number is 13, and some of them do have effects on mass, but the relevant factor is not velocity.
MechE, Aug 27 2010

       I can sort of understand this, so it must be wrong.
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 27 2010

       Creation of the account, two ideas, and [socrtwo] was gone.
normzone, Feb 20 2012


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