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War on Entropy

Fight the Power of the New World Disorder
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When a problem gets pervasive, it's time for the politicians to declare war. Government has given us the "War on Poverty," "War on Drugs," and "War on Terrorism" as banners for hosts of programs designed to fight the spread of these societal scourges. While total victory may be a utopian goal, waging battle against the forces disrupting the order of civilization can comfortably be considered a worthy cause.

Physicists of the planet unite! It is time to join forces and organize a campaign to enlist the earth's population in the common cause of beating back the frighteningly widespread increase of thermodynamic disorder in the universe and declare a "War on Entropy." We can't afford to ignore the break down of the quantum state.

Our aim is to minimize the destruction and disintegration of complex materials in all forms, from broken windows to nuclear annilhilation. Burning is bad, but building is good. Tactical moves countering troop movements of the second law armies will further support the cause. Goals as grand as constructing an outpost on Mars can be supported by actions as small as building a house of cards.

The movement will need intellectuals to draft a manifesto, international leaders to plan a coordinated strategy for the solar system, and grass roots supporters taking very good care of their lawns. For myself, I hope to get by with an email to my congressman and a bumper sticker.

Cube, Feb 02 2006

Bush Declares War on Entropy http://www.kuro5hin...003/8/26/04628/1392
US response to the Big Bang [Cube, Feb 02 2006]

Bush Declares War on Porn http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/9504659/
[Shz, Feb 02 2006]


       "War on Entropy" is an oxymoron
hippo, Feb 02 2006

       "Resistance is useless"
coprocephalous, Feb 02 2006

       "And it came to pass that AC learned how to reverse the direction of entropy.
And there was light --"
From 'The Last Question' by Isaac Asimov.
st3f, Feb 02 2006

       Mrs Consul has been waging a War on Entropy for several decades. Entropy, routed from the battlefield, is in full retreat with only the occasional, futile, skirmish occurring in environs surrounding moi.
ConsulFlaminicus, Feb 02 2006

       Oh dear oh dear Ian, No..if there was no War, how would the Captains of Industry afford private schools for their children? How would Conservative political parties raise funds? tsk tsk.
ConsulFlaminicus, Feb 02 2006

       //Burning is bad, but building is good// um...
moomintroll, Feb 02 2006

       War on Dualism: You're either with us, or your with the guys who see the world from an 'us vs. them' perspective.   

       This'll be at least as successful as any other govt. program.
RayfordSteele, Feb 02 2006

       Life itself is at war with entropy, though it utilizes it.
theircompetitor, Feb 02 2006

       [Ian] "War on Peace" is likely to be more succesful than "War on War"
hippo, Feb 02 2006

       I like this - and I give you a croissant, balanced end-to-end on another croissant for [Rayford]'s war on Dualism thing.
zen_tom, Feb 02 2006

       Mother of all wars on war?
theircompetitor, Feb 02 2006

       Alas, poor Entropy. I knew it well.
reensure, Feb 02 2006

       You'd better hope there's a big crunch.
Cuit_au_Four, Feb 03 2006

       If only all of that entropy could be moved to one of those distant parts of the galaxy, we could be relieved of it here.
bungston, Feb 03 2006

       Sounds like a waste of energy to me. Bun anyway.
Laimak, Feb 03 2006

       Gosh it's warm in here... and what a mess!
Dub, Feb 03 2006

       i always thought there was something inherently ironic about entropy, and the attempt to measure the degree of disorder... to take the 'random' out of random. then again, i don't really understand entropy, and i probably don't understand irony either.
carpeliam, Feb 03 2006

       Great idea! Just hammer a big thermodynamic nail through the middle of the thermodynamic arrow and give one end a good kick so that it's flipped over. With that sucker reversed we'll have order all over.
wagster, Feb 03 2006

       I want to build a house of cards ON Mars.   

       If war on entropy, then:   

       We should get rid of people who like to endulge, fart, defficate, urinate, and contribute nothing to society. Get rid of the kind who like to chug entire 6 packs of booze, smoke cartonfulls of cigarettes, hit entire bongfuls of reefer, wank off, and then drive their gas guzzling hummers over natural wildlife preserves. We should get rid of all of the evil middle eastern terrorists who like to blow up airplanes, cars, and buildings.   

       Um, oh wait a second, our star is going to blow up in 5 billion years anyway, and that will be a huge waste of energy, so why not just find more nice things throughout the universe other than earth, and trash or consume them to ensure that the human race will still be around long after the sun explodes?
quantum_flux, Nov 12 2007

       // "War on Peace" is likely to be more succesful than "War on War"// Thermodynamically speaking, that would depend upon whether peace requires more energy.
vincevincevince, Nov 12 2007

       <aside> For one of my years at university, we had a class T-shirt that was a parody of Men in Black, with the line
"Men in Mech: Protecting the Earth from the entropy increase of the Universe"
with a couple of our lecturer's faces superimposed over the poster image. I would suspect anti-entropy is a common theme among cartoons/jokes for mad engineering types...</aside>
neutrinos_shadow, Nov 13 2007


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